Lecture –not again!

My biggest pet peeve as an educator is to be taught, or watch someone else attempt to teach, in a standard boring lecture format. The ones where someone stands behind a podium and talks to the back wall for 65 minutes… or better yet, when someone reads WORD FOR WORD off a slide show presentation for the same amount of time.


Why do we do this to our students and ourselves when there are such great interactive presentation/educational tools out there? I’d like to think that by 2018 most of us have been exposed to some of these great tools.


I’m blessed to work in a school district that believes in sending their faculty and staff to conferences and workshops throughout the year. I love taking advantage of these opportunities. I network with other professionals, I reflect on my teaching craft and I gather amazing ideas to implement in order to improve what I do — which is guide kiddos on their learning journeys. And I’m guessing there are many other educators who do not have these awesome opportunities and experiences. Perhaps that explains why we have a few educators so stuck in this outdated, ineffective mode of presenting information.

Today I was at PETE&C 2018, gathering tons of great instructional technology ideas to bring back to my home school and I was exposed to TONS of great tools teachers (or any presenters really) could use to update their delivery (see links below).  I cannot wait to try a couple in the next few weeks!

SWAY presentations

Nearpod Presentations

Flipgrid videos

Factitious Fake News Game

PearDeck Presentations

Storyboard That






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