Fact — I now have an 11 year old


Fact: Today my darling little girl — my second born — my youngest, has turned 11.

11. ELEVEN. That is one year past going double digits.

How did this happen? Where did all that time go? Wasn’t I just changing diapers, playing with stuffed animals, face painting and braiding her hair before she went to preschool? Wasn’t she just learning how to ride her bike and read and color?

Now she’s wearing tinted lip gloss and shopping in the juniors section. Instead of watching Nick Jr. she’s binge watching Fuller House. Instead of coloring she’s drawing anime characters (quite well I might add).

I swear all I did was blink. Honestly, that quickly she grew up.

So today I held onto the now with her. I tried to savor every moment: the annoying birthday cat video she played a million times, the joy in her face when she opened her anime markers from her grandmother, the sound of her and her brother fighting over colors from her watercolor marker set (also a birthday gift — noticing a theme?). We had a snow day — so there was homemade cinnamon rolls and chicken pot pie– all her favorites. And when she wanted to watch “High School Musical” for her family movie choice, even though we’ve all seen it too many times to count, I tried to live every one of her laughs during the cheesy parts (which come on… is about the entire movie).

Years from now, I hope we can both look back on today and remember how much fun we had. I feel like these times with her are so fleeting and so soon she’ll be out of reach. I was blessed to be able to spend the entire day just being with her and the family.

Happy Birthday Kiddo.




2 thoughts on “Fact — I now have an 11 year old

  1. I hear ya, mine is 15 and occasionally I capture glimpses of who he was and who he might grow into. I too try to love where we are, while we are there.

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